Local Assistance:

Are you or someone you know on Medicare and having trouble paying for prescriptions?

Help is available!

This service is FREE as part of the N.C. Dept. of Insurance Senior’s Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP).

Financial Assistance for Low-income Medicare Patients

Medicare patients with limited income and assets may qualify for programs that save them money on drug & health plan premiums, deductibles, copays & coinsurance. These programs are called Extra Help and Medicare Savings Programs. Many patients don’t know about these programs or how to apply. If you know an individual  who might be eligible, please have them call the Council on Aging at 277-8288 for application assistance. Appointments are free & confidential.

  Don’t miss this opportunity to apply for Extra Help and save money!

Call to schedule your appointment on July 22, August 12, and September 16th, 2014.


What is Disability Partners?

We are a private, non-profit, community-based organization. Regardless of income, we provide independent living services, community education, advocacy and more.  As Centers for Independent Living, we have resources for people with all types of disabilities.

Mission:  Partnering with individuals and the community to enhance, advocate for and support personal choices, independent living and community inclusion.

Disability Partners is a Center for Independent Living and offers numerous services to persons with disabilities.


Creating opportunities for independence for people with disabilities through research, education, and consultation. 


In accordance with Federal law and the US Department of Agriculture policy, this Organization is prohibited from  discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, sex, familial status, sexual orientation and reprisal.